All viewers of NTV in Uganda and other countries this is for you; Kenyan group Thee Exit Band is set to officially premiere their latest video dubbed ‘For Real’ today, on NTV The Beat show.

Thee Exit Band, who are in Uganda for a media tour aimed at interesting the Ugandan audience in their music, will be live on NTV today, starting at 5:00Pm.

During the said show, which is hosted by Lynda Ddane and Daggy Nice, Thee Exit Band will not only premiere their new video ‘For Real’, but also have a moment to interact with their fans in Uganda, through sharing all about their music journey.

Comprising three artists who include; Maxwell Otieno, Meltas Javan Juma and Kelvin Athumani, Thee Exit Band is a singing trio that is inspiring thousands of youth across East Africa with their music.

They have over time positioned themselves as artists whose music is centered on love, romance, emotions and living a good life, themes that largely appeal to almost all youths, not only in Kenya but also elsewhere in the world.

It is because of this that their music has over time been embraced by a vast audience, because love is a universal phenomenon that almost everyone in the world identifies with.

Tune in to NTV this evening to witness Thee Exit Band premiere ‘For Real’ but remember that the video is also on YouTube and you can stream it by tapping the link above.  

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