Renowned Kenyan group Thee Exit Band, who have out a new music video dubbed ‘For Real’, are working on new music projects during their short holiday in Uganda.

Sources close to the group intimate that Thee Exit Band have already laid siege at Studio Black Market 256 in Kampala, where they are recording collabos with some Ugandan artists.

However, that’s not all; we have also learnt that Thee Exit Band are set to shoot a number of music videos while in Uganda, for both their old and new music projects.

We shall bring you updates about their forthcoming studio projects and performances in Uganda but in the meantime, don’t forget that Thee Exit Band are making headlines with ‘For Real’, a thrilling love ballad that is melting hearts all over the place.   

With ‘For Real’, which hit Kenyan airwaves shortly after debuting on YouTube a few days ago, Thee Exit Band are garnering immense attention from fans across East Africa and beyond, because their song is so enchanting!

You’re missing out on lots of joyous moments if you haven’t streamed ‘For Real’ on YouTube yet; just hit the link above to feel the jam!

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