Dudes, have you ever found yourself in a situation whereby your girl never gives you love unless you give her money first?

Well, singing duo Beni Boyz have been there before, and they narrate the disturbing experience they endured through their latest single dubbed ‘Fake Love’.

The Beni Boyz want the world to know through this song that true love is very rare nowadays, because most women, especially slay queens, are after money.

Being a song that mirrors a real life situation, ‘Fake Love’ has become so popular in Uganda and other countries around East Africa, prompting fans to flood Tik Tok with video challenges for this song.

With over 200 Tik Tok challenges, ‘Fake Love’  continues to be a favourite of hundreds of youths around the region, especially because many of them have been victims of fake love or have friends who have fallen prey to this trend.

Actually, the audience’s response and familiarization with ‘Fake Love’ is being portrayed by the numerous YouTube views that the song is already attracting, as more and more fans come to terms with the message in the song.

Thanks to the song’s high relatability and emotional depth, Beni Boyz definitely strike a chord with listeners, inspiring them to reflect on their own love stories and celebrate the milestones in their relationships if they are not victims of ‘Fake Love’.

It is a song that every man who is in a meaningful relationship needs to listen to carefully, because it calls for celebration, especially for those who survived ‘Fake Love’.

Click the links to watch the ‘Fake Love’ Tik Tok challenges on YouTube but remember, you can also enjoy the whole song because it is available on YouTube and digital platforms.

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