Cuban artists TNTichion and El Villano have released a new, hot album titled ‘La Biblia’, which premiered today on YouTube.

A compilation of 9 thrilling Reggaeton tracks, ‘La Biblia’ drops with a loud bang on the Cuban music scene, because not many of TNTichion and El Villano’s fans expected it.

The album features the following captivating songs;

‘Como Yo’, ‘El Viejo’, ‘A tu novio le dicen el toro’, ‘Estas quedando bien’, ‘Lo lamento’, ‘Mas dibujo q papel’, ‘No existe’, ‘Otra tallita no cabe’ and ‘Pa darte deo’.

With this album, TNTichion and El Villano now positions themselves as very promising artists that will soon dominate the Cuban music scene.

This is because their album features a number of electrifying songs, many of which are already popular club bangers all over Cuba.   

TNTichion’s unique flow adds a new dimension to all the songs on the album, which when coupled with El Villano’s smooth vocals, results in their masterpiece dubbed ‘La Biblia’.

This album, which will keep TNTichion and El Villano in the limelight for a long time, is a true testament to the power of collaboration in music.

Tap the link to go stream the entire album on YouTube!

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