Emilian Starz, a talented Ugandan musician, has out a thrilling melody titled ‘Toola’ featuring Angella Katatumba, which is very soul-stirring.

‘Toola’ is a powerful and emotionally charged track, which delves into matters of the heart between two lovers who have discovered that they are a perfect match for each other.

This song takes listeners on a soulful and introspective romantic adventure, delving into the depths of intense love, passion and affection.

Being a piece of art that deals with human emotions and  explores the complexities of  love, ‘Toola’  is a song that appeals to several people, many who are streaming it on YouTube and digital platforms.

Through her captivating lyrics, Emilian Starz prompts listeners to reflect on their love life, so that they  can muster the power to open up to their partners, without any restraints.

We all know that finding true love is more like finding fulfillment that goes beyond material possessions; this is the exact feeling that Emilian Starz attempts to express through this song.

However, you can only feel the magic in this ballad if you click  the link above to stream ‘Toola’ on YouTube!

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