Ugandan vocal queen Emilian Starz has got Tik Tokers grooving to her lovely jam dubbed ‘Toola’, which features Angella Katatumba.

As of now Tik  Tok is flooding with numerous dance challenge videos for ‘Toola’, which are constantly being   shared by Emilian Starz’s fans from all over the country.

Ever since she premiered the song on YouTube and digital platforms, Emilian Starz has got the attention of several Ugandan music enthusiasts focused on her.

With this alluring masterpiece that is not only commanding attention on Tik Tok but also on YouTube, Emilian Starz has enchanted a huge audience that just can’t get enough of her, so they’ve taken to playing the song over and over again!

Actually, ‘Toola’ is such a hypnotizing song that whoever listens to it ends up reeling off into a sweet trance they don’t wanna wake up from, reason why several Tik Tokers have fallen in love with it.

Believe it or not, once you’re done listening to ‘Toola’, you won’t help but give a shout-out to Emilian Starz on social media or in-person if you get the chance to meet her in person, because she really nailed it on this one.

If you want to feel the thrill that Emilian Starz stirs up with ‘Toola’, then tap the link to stream the track on YouTube now!  

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