It is always nice to brighten up your life with great music and if you are looking for a song that does this for you, then Emilian Starz got you covered with ‘Toola’, featuring Angella Katatumba.

Listening to ‘Toola’, which comes off her album ‘Osobola’, is like embracing a whole bunch of sensational, sweet moments and because of this, several Ugandans are falling in love with this ballad.

The incredible creativity that Emilian Starz and Angella Katatumba immersed into ‘Toola’ resulted in an all time masterpiece on the Ugandan music scene.

With a passionate blend of their enchanting vocals, these two artists are a testament to the true power of music to melt hearts, just as they do with ‘Toola’!

Together they created a unique, appealing musical experience that never leaves whoever listens to ‘Toola’ feeling the same way.

The richness and vibrancy of the lyrics, coupled with exceptional vocal skills have made ‘Toola’ the chef-d’oeuvre     it is and because of this, scores have taken to streaming the song on YouTube.

 You too can stream ‘Toola’ on YouTube by simply clicking the link above

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