Popular Cuban artists Wildey and El Ankla have out  a fresh banger dubbed ‘Sacale Licencia A Tu Odio’, which has become a sensation amongst their fans and is headlining performances at several hangouts within Cuba.

 Known for their energetic performances and vigorous vibes, Wildey and El Ankla drive the crowd crazy whenever their song is played, be it in nightclubs or bars across Cuba.

Actually, 8 out of every 10 Cubans will agree that Wildey and El Ankla literary murdered this jam and because of this,   the video has already attracted over 32K YouTube views and still counting.

With ‘Sacale Licencia A Tu Odio’, Wildey and El Ankla take their fans on an exhilarating musical adventure in a carefree yet honest tone,  urging them to join the party instead of hating them or their pals.

This jam has since positioned Wildey and El Ankla as an artists to keep an eye out for in Cuba, after they made it clear that they can have a lasting impression on fans with their music.

To enjoy the video on YouTube, just click the link!

Story By Isaac Tugume & Dj Dan Starboy

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