If there is any musician who is making a great impact on the Cuban entertainment scene then it is Wildey, who has out a new video dubbed ‘Love’, featuring Donyto.

 ‘Love’ premiered two days ago on YouTube but the video is already being streamed by hundreds of fans and this proves one thing; that Wildey commands a huge fan base all over Cuba.

With ‘Love’, which is melting hundreds of hearts across Cuba,  Wildey is here to prove to all doubters that he has a strong place in the  Cuban music industry.

His single ‘Love’ is an incredible love ballad that already has several of his fans reeling in sweetness every time  they listen to it.

Actually, Wildey and Donyto poured out their hearts into this song,  hoping that listeners would easily connect with the authenticity and  passion in the ballad, which is already happening, based on the attention ‘Love’ is capturing everywhere.

The song is not only infectious but also showcases Wildey and Donyto’s incredible talent, creative vision, and unmatched chemistry as a duo especially whenever they team up to work on a studio project.

Well, good news is that their fans not only in Cuba but all over  the world can now stream ‘Love’ on YouTube and all they have to do is click the link.

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