Talented Cuban artist Wildey is back in the mix, this time round with a new full album ‘El Lavoratorio’, which is a compilation of 15 thrilling Reggaeton songs.

This album comes as a great surprise from Wildey for his fans, because it features powerful tracks that will rock the Cuban entertainment scene for quite a long time.

Including both singles and collabos, the album comes with the following track list; ‘Empinaita’, ‘Demonio’, ‘El Clave’, ‘No voy a LLorar porti’, ‘Tengo Derecho’, ‘Dejala Q Baile’ ft. King Boys, ‘La Naranja Se Pico’, ‘Sin Querer’, ‘LLamame’ ft. Lowis Vega, ‘Dale Corriente’ ft. Pablo Barreras, ‘La Figura No Es Como Tu Quiera’ ft. Alvaro, ‘Tinenes Que Detenerte’, ‘Turuntu’, ‘Hazme Caso’ ft. Diana Lu and ‘La Puntica Del Pie’  ft. Moikan.

Debuted on YouTube today, ‘El Lavoratorio’ is a studio project that exhibits Wildey’s ability to seamlessly blend with his audience through captivating storytelling, introspection and infectious rhythms.

Coming with diverse range of tracks, the album takes Wildey’s listeners on a captivating musical journey, touching on personal introspection, social commentary, and the intricacies of human existence in Cuba.

Make sure you tap the link above to stream the whole album on YouTube! 

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