If you are a fan of Zari Dancers Africa, well then, they have something new for you; an amazing dance video for ‘Loyal’, a song originally done by the Nande Boyz.

Zari Dancers Africa officially unveiled the ‘Loyal’ dance video over the weekend and as expected, several of their fans across the country are already vibing to it.

Thanks to their fascinating choreography and exhilarating acts, Zari Dancers Africa bring about a very exciting feeling to the song, by perfectly acting out all the storyline just like the Nande Boyz would have done it.

It is important to note that ‘Loyal’ is a song in which the Nande Boyz aim at highlighting the importance of loyalty in relationships, plus the negative results of disloyalty; a story the Zari Dancers perfectly emulate in their dance video.

The ‘Loyal’ dance video by the Zari Dancers is now available for streaming on YouTube and everyone can enjoy it by clicking the link above.

However, we all have to remember that the Nande Boyz are set to release the official video for this song any time from now and it will premiere on YouTube in a few days to come, so be on the lookout for it!  

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